Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 Makeup Favourites

The first question which needs to be addressed is how did 2015 fly by so fast? I mean, I still remember writing the last post of 2014 which seems like just a few months ago. Just crazy! Anyway the main reason for this post was to summarise the best beauty bits of this year in one post since we haven't been blogging much this year. So heres a quick run down on the makeup bits which have stood out to us and have been ones we've been reaching for most. If you guys would like a more detailed review on any of the products mentioned, just leave a comment below and we would be more than happy to do so!

Garner BB cream skin perfector eye roll-on  - This is perfect for those days when I skip the foundation and want to opt for something light. Evens out the skin tone and reduces darkness under the eyes without looking ashy.

Maybelline triple bronzing powder  - I use the shade brunette which seems to give the perfect hint of bronze to my skin which looks effortless and not obvious on the skin.

Clarins rouge éclat lipstick in wood rose - This lipstick has been my go-to this year. A beautiful muted pink with a slight brown undertone which looks so natural on the lips. Totally in love with it!

Barry M contouring kit  - I have to say I don't think I've mastered contouring yet but I've definitely been experimenting with it this year. The one product which has been great for contouring and is budget friendly, is the kit from Barry M, which includes a bronze shade, a bright highlighting powder and a cool toned contour shade for such a great price. (Read more about it here)

Max factor creme puff blush - These blushes have been one of the best drugstore blushes I've come across. They have really good pigmentation with a subtle sheen to them. The stage gorgeous berries has been my absolute favourite!

Makeup revolution baked bronzer in golden days - Even though this is a bronzer, I find it works to be the perfect golden highlighter as I find it to be far too light to be a bronzer. This is perfect for that everyday glow to the skin without any heavy glitter or shimmer to the face.

Maybelline brow satin - Brows are a key step in my makeup routine as I truly believe that eyebrows do indeed frame the face. This product has been all I've been using on my brows and can't seem to move on to anything else, its that good! (Read more about it here)

Real techniques complexion sponge - Using a sponge for applying makeup has completely changed my makeup routine and opinion on sponges as I was completely against them at first. They really do help achieve a flawless finish to the face without looking cakey or noticeable on the face (although my one is looking pretty gross at the moment. I think its time for a good clean....) (Read more about it here)

Loreal false lash flutter mascara - This has been a new discovery this year and I have to admit, it may just have taken the top spot in my all time favourite mascaras! It really lengthens yet separates my lashes so it still looks natural at the same time.

So hope you guys enjoyed reading this very brief round up pf beauty favourites this year. Let us know some your favourites in the comments.

Happy new year! :)

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Tools To Achieve Flawless Foundation

Who remembers those days when applying foundation was just usually a mixture of using hands
(which was me basically) and the odd flat foundation brush - probably the only type of foundation brush I had heard of at the time. Nowadays things in the beauty industry have changed a lot! There are so many way to apply your foundation and each time the brushes and tools are getting better and better (whilst my bank account is getting smaller and smaller)... giving a more flawless coverage to the face. We can now use different brushes to achieve high coverage or some for a more medium coverage, the choice is yours but with the right choice of tools you can get the look you're after. Here is the brief on two foolproof tools that I use to achieve a flaw
less foundation routine...

Starting off with the brush, the real techniques buffing brush has been a real life changer when it comes to applying foundation. For me personally I think it gives me the perfect amount of coverage I need and if I'm after a very high coverage look I usually just press the foundation into my skin rather than buff it in. The bristles aren't rough or too dense either so its comfortable to use aswell. I find with these buffing brushes my foundation doesn't appear to have streaks (which is usually the case with flat foundation brushes) but instead it is blended in seamlessly with the skin.

Moving onto the I would never thought I would end up loving the thought of using sponges for applying my makeup as they always just never really appealed to me and looked like an extra hassle to apply your foundation...yet I couldn't be more wrong. I'm pretty sure you've all heard of the beauty blender, I mean who hasn't...but that thing can be pretty pricey for a sponge especially those who are just starting out with sponges so one which I would highly recommend is the real techniques miracle complexion sponge, which not only is it less than half the price of the original beauty blender, but also works just as well.

I've gotten into sponges fairly recently and I noticed how much of a difference blending your foundation in with a sponge makes. I like to first apply my foundation with the buffing brush then go over with the sponge to blend it all out making sure it all looks blended and seamless. My favourite combo so far and obviously the foundation you use itself does play a part in how flawless your foundation looks but the tools also play the key role when applying it.

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My Skin Saviour This Month....

The past few weeks my skin has been going crazy! Like seriously out of control. Ive been getting so much bumps under my skin, and my skin has been so dry, that its resulted in flaky skin and all sorts - not a nice sight I know. I've been using different moisturisers to try and calm my skin down but it just left my skin with a burning sensation due to it being so sensitive at the time. It was an on-going battle with my skin as it seemed like nothing would work.... Thankfully coconut oil came into my life, I'm so glad I picked it up from my local boots store because it has really helped my skin recover and somewhat get over the chaotic skin phase!

I picked up the Vita coco coconut oil because as soon as I saw the words organic and raw I knew it was coming home with me.  Its a  cold pressed coconut oil which is 100% raw so no added ingredients or chemicals. I've been using this as my moisturiser for about a month now and I've really noticed a difference in my skin. The bumps under my skin have noticeably reduced and my skin was no longer feeling dry and tight. Also coconut oil gives a rather nice healthy glow to the skin (added bonus!) without looking or feeling too greasy as pure coconut oil absorbs easily into the skin compared to other oils -so this is great for those of you with oily skin too. 

Apart from face I've also been using it all over my body as a body moisturiser and not only is it so moisturising on the body, the smell is just heavenly! (wouldn't recommend for non-coconut lovers )...And whats even better is that I've hit pan! or should I say in this case I've hit jar! For such a large 500ml jar I'm surprised I've gotten through it so fast but it just goes to show how much I've been loving this coconut oil recently.

What are your skin saviours? Let us know!

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Friday, 11 September 2015

August Favourites

This August favourites is a little over due I know but hey, better late than never right...and this month there have been some great beauty bits that I've fallen in love with and can't wait to share with you guys and most of these being from the drugstore so very affordable too.

So lets get right into it starting off with mascara, theres a new favourite - the L'oreal flash lash flutter has been all I've been wearing this month and the results of this mascara are ah-mazing! The fact that I never get clumpy lashes is one of my favourite things about this product and the butterfly wing-style wand separates and opens up the lashes so nicely it almost resembles the wing of a butterfly! (bit dramatic I know) Paired with this mascara I've been really loving brown eyeliner this month for the waterline, as theres something special about the way it gives a more softer look to the eye in comparison to black which does tend to be a little more harsh. The Elizabeth Arden eye pencil in expresso has been one which I've been picking up lately and is just a great one to use which doesn't smudge throughout the day.

When it comes to lips you know that theres got to be more than one favourite because I can never seem to just stick to just one! The first being the Max factor colour intensifying lip balm which has been a real life saver for me. Its abit like the maybelline baby lips but much better. These lip balms have much more pigmentation and are more moisturising on the lips so they're great for those days when you want to go without a full on lipstick but still want a hint of colour.
The second lip favourite is the Clarins rouge éclat lipstick in the shade wood rose. This shade is probably one of my all time favourites - crazy I know but you gotta try it to believe it. Its a soft pink which gives the your-lips-but-better look and has been my absolute fav this month.

Powdering my face is often a step I skip as I prefer a more dewy look to my skin however when it comes to desperate measures aka oily under eyes and t-zone due to those hot humid days the powder is coming out! A lot of powders can make my skin look flat and be too mattifying however the Bourjois healthy balance powder is so beautiful on the skin, its almost as if its not there, just quietly doing its job at keeping the oiliness at bay.

For brushes the real techniques brushes are the brushes which I've raved about quite a few times on the blog and I pretty much will continue to do so most likely in following posts...some may call it obsession but seriously you can't go wrong with these brushes! One particular brush which I've been pulling out a lot recently is the contour brush which is perfect to fit into the hollows of your cheekbones.

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Monday, 7 September 2015

Back To School/Uni Makeup

Whether you're going back to school or university, you're most likely dreading the fact that holidays are now over and its time to spend the last few precious days of the holiday you have left wisely. I know that I certainly will be as I'm back at uni in just under a months time. Now I know you just don't want the stress free life to end but I think I'm ready to give it my all this year since its my last year for my course.

Putting all the academic stuff to side, you want to look good on the first day or should I say few weeks back, because we know what usually happens after that, you just can't be as bothered to put all that effort into outfit and makeup and towards the end during exam season its practically no makeup and just extra eye bags and under eye darkness from sleepless nights of revision (dreading those times already...) So heres a few ideas for back to school/university makeup...

For those of you who don't want something too heavy on the face, a BB cream or tinted moisturiser would be ideal. My favourite BB cream, which has been for quite a while is the body shop all-in-one BB cream. This provides a lovely reasonable coverage and evens out the skin tone without becoming too oily or greasy throughout the day.

A lot of the times I skip the base but I always like to add a touch of colour to the cheeks just to give a little life to the skin on those early mornings. Somedays its just a bronzer-only day, the Maybelline dream sun bronzer being a great subtle one for everyday which has a natural highlighter included to give some glow. For blush, the Nyx blush in the shade peach is a great one for all skin tones as it is a classic soft peachy-pink shade which gives a natural flush to the skin.

When it comes to eyes, mascara is a must have for me to wake-up those tired looking eyes on those 9-oclock starts. A great drugstore mascara which really lifts the lashes and opens up the eyes is the L'oreal false lash flutter mascara. I love the unique wand which is catered to really reach down to those corner lashes.
For eyeliner the L'oreal super liner is a strong favourite which has a super long fine nib which makes creating a flick ten times easier than most other eyeliners out there.
Can't forget the brows as they are a vital step in my makeup routine and apparently fuller, thicker brows make you look more youthful so I'm all up for getting those Cara Delevigne-like brows (just be careful not too go too crazy with the hairy brow idea) A great drugstore brow product is the Maybelline brow satin brow pencil which makes it so quick and easy to fill in the brows. I've been loving using this brow pencil recently and can't get enough of it! (read more about it here). 

Whether you're a nude lip or a bold lip lover theres so many options to choose from. A lovely nude perfect for everyday is the revlon lip butter in the shade pink truffle which is a pinky-brown colour which doesn't wash out your complexion and plus it is so buttery and moisturising on the lips.
For a bold lip one of my absolute favourites at the moment is bobbi browns lipstick in the shade desert plum. It isn't too much of an in-your-face colour and really compliments all skin tones very well.

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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Brows On Fleek!

You most probably have heard of the saying 'eyebrows on fleek' going around recently. Well what does fleek even mean you might ask? Being honest, I couldn't one hundred percent tell you the answer to that one but when it comes to it in terms of brows, it pretty much means your eyebrows are looking goood.... So heres a product I would highly recommend for getting those brows on fleek...

If you don't already know, brows for me are one of the most crucial parts of my makeup routine as I do have pretty sparse brows so its a pretty much of a must-do step for me. A few months back in one of my previous hauls (read about it here), I purchased the Maybelline brow satin eyebrow pencil which has been almost life changing (dramatic I know) as its completely changed the way I fill in my brows. This pencil is double ended with one side containing a twist-up fine nib and the other end consisting of a powder with a sponge applicator which I purchased in the shade, dark brown. 

Now step one first of all for me, you gotta comb the brows through and my favourite brush to use for this is the sedona lace brow spoolie (EB 17) which is great for taming those hairs pointing in the odd direction. Then I like to use the Maybelline brow pencil starting off with the fine nib to slowly fill in the brows. I love the fact that the pencil is so thin and doesn't need sharpening so you're always left with a nice sharp nib to work with. The final step is the powder which is at the other end of the pencil with a sponge applicator. I use this to gently stroke over the brows and especially the edges to blur out any harsh lines, giving a more natural look to the brows. This powder is amazing as it just neatens everything up and makes it look as if you spent a whole lot of time on your brows.

What are your favourite products to use for your eyebrows and which ones would you recommend?

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Thursday, 20 August 2015

If You Had To Pick One...

Recently after reading a post on Lily Pebble's blog, it inspired me to do a post myself on 'if you had to pick one' which is basically a run down of the products I would use from my makeup collection if I had to pick just one! It was difficult I know, but I think its great way to see what products really stood out to me and are my go-to beauty bits.

Makeup brand to use…
This was a tricky one as theres so much variety of products from different brands whether it be from the high end or the drugstore. So I thought I would split the choice and pick one from the drugstore and one from the high end scale. When it comes to the drugstore for me it has to be Maxfactor. I love their mascaras, lip products, blushes and eyeshdows which is pretty much a full face. On to more high end brands I would probably say Bobbi brown as I love their shade range especially for their bases and their lipsticks and blushes are my absolute faves!

Mascara to wear…
It could only be the Max Factor false lash effect mascara which I've mentioned before a few times on the blog, (read more about it here) I love how it gives tonnes of volume to my lashes. 

Skincare item to use...
The one skincare item I simply could not live without is my Dermalogica Precleanse, which is an oil based cleanser perfect for removing makeup whilst cleansing the skin and leaving it soft and hydrated at the same time. This product breaks down makeup so easily including waterproof makeup, and it is a must have in my skincare collection (read more about it here).

Highstreet store to shop from…
Now this was a tough one as I pretty much shop everywhere on the high street, but when it comes to one I visit most recently, I would probably have to say New look as they have such a great range of clothes on trend for an affordable price. 

Makeup brush brand…
For me this was easy, it had to be Real Techniques brushes. Pretty much everyone owns at least one or a couple of these brushes and I simply think they are amazing for their value and quality. I use these brushes everyday in my makeup routine and would be pretty lost without them.

Lipstick to wear every day…
There's two in this category which could easily be my favourite to wear everyday which are the Revlon colour stay suede lipstick in backstage (read a full review here) and the Maybelline colour sensational lipstick in 315. Both are completely different with one being more of a deep plum shade and the Maybelline one being more of a soft pink shade. 

Eyeshadow palette…
Ever since I purchased the Urban decay Naked one palette, I haven't stopped using it. It always seems to have the shades and colours I need for my makeup look. I think this palette is a great all-rounder and is an essential in the makeup kit.

So thats a round up of the beauty products I would pick if I had to pick juts one! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you do this post yourselves make sure to let me know as I would love to have a read. You can also tag us on twitter or instagram. 

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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Two Masks That My Skin Is Loving

When it comes to giving your skin a good pamper session, masks come straight to the top of my list. There are so many different types of masks out there on the market, for different skin types and conditions, whether it be exfoliating masks, clay masks, or any of the other array of masks out there. Two masks in particular have been my absolute favourite these few months and my skin seems to be loving them! So heres all the details on these pamper-session must haves...

This is the mask I like to pull out when my skin is having one of those days where its feeling dull, greasy and bumpy. It contains the key ingredient which is active charcoal which really helps to give the skin a deep clean, cleaning out all the pores. It leaves my skin feeling so refreshed after using this mask, almost like a huge weight lifted off my skin. You simply apply it all over the face avoiding sensitive areas like the eye area, wait for it to set for a few minutes and then wash it off - simple as that. Although it is a little drying as it removes all the dirt and oil from the pores so I like to follow up with a really good moisturiser. Recently coconut oil has been my favourite to use as a moisturiser.

The perfect partner to use with the clear improvement mask is the drink up intensive overnight mask which is a great product to really add the moisture and softness back into the skin. My skin literally resembles the softness of a babies bottom after using this. Simply apply this on your face as a moisturiser before bed and let the mask do its magic overnight - the results leaves you with hydrated soft skin. This is my go to mask when my skin is feeling very tight and dry. 

Both of these masks have been perfect these past few months and would really recommend these products for any of you out there looking for a mask which really gives the pores a deep clean and one which add the hydration back to the skin.

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Origins clear improvement mask to clear pores - £23

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Friday, 3 July 2015

Summer Glowy Makeup Essentials

Summer is upon us where days are getting longer and warmer and its that time where I like to amp up the glow and dewiness on my skin. Usually I like to keep my makeup quite minimal in summer, mainly because the heat can leave me looking like a hot sweaty mess, makeup melting away, sweaty me its not a good sight. So there are a few essentials in my collection which I like to use that are not too heavy on the skin but can help to achieve a lovely summer glow to the skin.

When it comes to base, the Loreal Lumi Magique primer is a must have for the summer. Although it is advertised as a primer, I also like to use it as a highlighter which looks stunning on tops of cheekbones and the bridge of the nose. Applying this product underneath your foundation, not only acts as a great base for foundation to cling to but also a subtle glow peeks through the foundation, giving the look of more dewy, glowy skin (theres going to be a lot of use of the word glowy in this post as you can probably tell). Recently I have been loving the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation, as its just so easy to blend and makes my skin look more healthier and like it says on the bottle, more luminous. This foundation provides medium coverage, so pretty decent coverage without feeling heavy or sticky on the skin. Read a more in depth review here.

Now to add some colour and dimension to the face, the Bourjois chocolate bronzer is has always been a favourite of mine. Whether it be used to subtly contour the cheeks or bronze the face this is the one which I find suits almost all skin tones as it isn't too orange nor is it a murky brown, but lies somewhere in the middle. I then like to inject a pop of colour to the cheeks and the Maxfactor Miracle Touch creamy blush in soft murano is just a beautiful for the summer! It's an almost burnt corally shade which looks lovely on its own or with some bronzer. The formula of these blushes are also so dreamy, and blend easily onto the skin. To finish of the skin, you gotta have highlighter when you aiming for blowy skin, its just a summer must-do step for me because i do love a good highlighter. one very affordable highlighter which i've been using non-stop recenty is the Makeup Revolution vivid baked bronzer in golden days. Now I know its called a 'bronzer' but technically its such a pale shade when it translates on the skin, containing more of a glow than bronze. It has a beautiful shimmer running through it so I prefer to use it as a highlighter and this gives such a lovely golden sheen without any noticeable glitter all over the face.

Moving onto lips, theres one lipstick which I've been loving recently which is the Clarins Rouge Eclat in the shade woodrose. This is natural pinky-brown shade which gives a your-lips-but-better look to the lips. It seriously looks so natural on my lips and is a great darker nude shade. The formula of these lipsticks are so buttery and moisturising which leave lips hydrated and healthy.

So what are your summer makeup essentials? Let us know in the comments below! x

You can purchase all the products mentioned here:
Loreal Lumi Magique primer
Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation,
Bourjois chocolate bronzer
Maxfactor Miracle Touch creamy blush
Makeup Revolution vivid baked bronzer
Clarins Rouge Eclat in the shade woodrose.

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Saturday, 13 June 2015

A Little Beauty Haul....'Maybe Its Maybelline?'

At times I feel as though I should be banned from boots or superdrug (my local drugstore) as my addiction to walk out with more than what I went in for is always the case when I'm browsing around the drugstore (sigh). I'm sure I'm not the only one guilty of this, so those of you who go through the same thing most probably know what I mean. So in basic terms what I'm saying is yes...a beauty haul happened and whilst this was a little haul (thankfully) I thought I'd share with you what I picked up because I'm pretty excited about these beauty picks prior to even swatching them.

The new Maybelline release, the Master sculpt has certainly caught my eye and once I spotted it at my local drugstore, it had to come home with me. It has a cool toned contour powder and a soft shimmery highlighter which comes in pretty awesome packaging with a decent sized mirror and brush - perfect for when you're on the go.

Now you know when they have that 3 for 2 offer you cant resist so I went on ahead and picked
up two more Maybelline products, one being another fairly new release, the Brow Satin. This is a double ended product with a brow pencil on one end and a powder with a sponge applicator on the other end, the concept seems quite cool right? So im pretty excited to give this one a try,
The final product I picked up was one of the Maybelline 24 hour colour tattoos in the shade on-and-on bronze which is a much raved about product so im pretty late to the bandwagon with this one and I'll keep you posted on how I get on with it.

So besides the cheesy blog post title (I just couldn't resist), I'm pretty excited to try out these new beauty products from my little haul.

Which new products have you purchased recently?

You can purchase the products mentioned here:

Maybelline Master sculpt - medium/dark
Maybelline Brown satin - Dark brown
Maybelline 24 hour colour tattoos in the shade on-and-on bronze

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Top 4 Drugstore Blushers

Blush is probably one of my favourite steps in my makeup routine. It sort of ties the whole makeup look together in my opinion. Just by adding a hint of flush and colour to the cheeks gives that youthful healthy look to the complexion. Being a huge blush lover is was hard to narrow it down to just four but these are the ones which we reach for most of the time and are probably our all time favourite drugstore blushers.

When Maxfactor came out with these beauties, there was no doubt that these blushes just had to be an addition to the makeup collection. Packaging wise, Maxfactor have got it spot on. Sleek, compact packaging with a gold rim on the edges - more than enough to draw me in. I love the shade range that they have which are suited to different skin tones. My favourite has the be the shade gorgeous berries, which is exactly what it says on the tin -gorgeous! It is a deep purple shade with a very slight hint of gold shimmer running throughout it, which gives an instant summery glow to the skin. These blushes remind me a little of the Milani baked blushes in appearance which I am yet to try.

Hunting down for a good drugstore matte blush can be pretty difficult as the formula may not be right or the shade range is pretty disappointing. However these Nyx blushes are just perfect in formula and when it come to application (You can also read about it here). This particular shade is just perfect as it gives that natural flush to cheeks which is so wearable on an everyday basis. Basically a 'your-cheeks-but-better' (kinda of a cliche but its so true). This a definite staple to add to the makeup collection.

Mineral makeup can often be a pain to deal with, loose powder falling over everywhere can be stressful especially when you're in a rush but I like to save this one for those not-in-such-a-rush days. Normally in not a huge fan of this sort of packaging but this blush has to be an exception because this product is too good to give a miss. (You can read more about it here). We've both been using this for years now, but our heart sank a little when we found out that it is sadly discontinued :( So the hunt begins for a dupe for the No7 mineral blush, let us know in the comments if have any recommendations. 

Cream products are great for the summer and spring months as it gives a very fresh faced dewy look to the skin and it is great for those minimal makeup days. Some cream blushes that I've tried have been quite disappointing as they haven't been creamy enough to distribute evenly on the skin or have been a little too slippery which last barely an hour on the face. This formula however is soo dreamy, I instantly fell in love with it. This colour pay off is perfect giving the right amount of pigmentation on the skin and this coral shade in particular looks amazing on so many skin tones being not too bright but more of a deep coral colour. 

Leave a comment letting us know what your favourite blushes are? x

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Sunday, 7 June 2015

A Year Of Blogging...

Its crazy how its been just a little over a year since this blog was born when I remember it like yesterday! So yes this post is a little over due the one year mark but the month of May being such a hectic month with university exams and jobs, keeping up with the blog has been pretty hard but hey, better late than never! So we thought we would round up the year of our blogging experience briefly.

Since we started this blog, we've discovered a whole new world of blogging and saw how diverse and amazing blogging really is. Its a great hobby we started off with and still enjoy to this day to keep up with in our spare time. Being able to write about topics we love and enjoy to read about ourselves just makes it that extra bit special. The best part has to be the great support in the blogging community between fellow bloggers and readers which sort of gives you the drive and thirst to create new content. Even though we haven't been able to blog as much as we would have liked to in the year 2014 due to studies, we definitely hope to dedicate a little more time to the blog this year and try to do some lifestyle and travel posts too which is something we've always wanted to do - so who knows that this year may have in store for us? 

So overall we've loved spending time writing our blog and if you are thinking about starting a blog then let us know in the comments as we'd love to read them as we would definitely recommend giving a go at starting your own blog if you have a passion to write about something you love. x

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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer

We've always had a funny relationship with primers, as previous ones we've used just didn't seem to do anything except take up an extra few minutes in the makeup routine. There came a point where we lost hope in all primers, that was untill we tried the Max Factor Facefinity all day primer which we've had our eyes on for quite some time but never actually got the time to purchasing it. But I'm so glad we finally did because it is a primer with purpose!

A lot of primers usually tend to to dry my skin out, having dry skin as it is, adding on to the dryness was just not helping. The Max factor primer I found doesn't dry my skin out at all, neither does it feel tacky or slippery on the skin. It acts as the perfect base for the skin before applying makeup as I've noticed a difference when applying my foundation, giving smoother application. When it comes longevity of makeup, this primer has noticeably allowed my foundation to stay intact for a longer period with no slipping and sliding of the face, especially when it you get the odd humid weather where my makeup doesnt' tend to last very long.

This product comes in a generous sized bottle which has one shade suitable for all skin types as it is translucent on the skin. The pump on the bottle makes it so convenient and handy to pump out the perfect amount of product. You also have your SPF 20 giving your daily protection.

This primer is a great all rounder, even though being an extra step in the makeup routine it makes a difference to your overall makeup look and I would recommend this for all skin types as it isn't greasy nor drying on the skin. One of the best primers we've used  and definitely worth giving a try so let us know what you think! x

Buy the Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer here - £10.99

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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Best Drugstore Contour Palette

Its fair to say that contouring is now a big thing in the world of beauty with a lot of people after that Kim Kardashian look. Personally I'm not the best at contouring and often find it hard to find the right shade, but there is one palette which has made the contouring life a whole lot easier for me and thats the Barry M chisel cheek contour kit. Word has it that this palette is a great dupe to the Anastasia beverly hills contour palette.

This palette comes with three shades a light shade for highlighting, a bronze shade and a dark brown contour shade. The contour shade is exactly what I've been looking for! Its a cool brown shade perfect for olive toned skin where contour shades usually tend to be too light. If you have very pale skin you might find it to be abit too dark but that is totally up to personal preference. It isn't too orangey or too red toned which is quite hard to find especially at the drugstore, so when I first set my eyes on this, I had to have it!

The bronzey shade is great for an all over bronze look and could also be used as a contour shades especially if you have more paler skin. The highlighter shade might just look like any ordinary powder but it just has that extra something which sets concealer and brightens the under eyes at the same time.

All-in-all this palette is great budget buy and is an essential for those who love their contouring and is also a great starter kit for contouring, and the best bit it that its so affordable compared to high end palettes.

What is your favourite contouring product?

Buy the Barry M Chisled Cheek Contour Kit here - £6.49

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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick Review

Revlon are certainly at the top of my list when it coms to drugstore lip products, especially when they came out with their amazing lip crayons which remain unbeatable by other drugstore brands in my opinion. Now I think they might have just won me over once again with their Colorstay Ultimate Suede lipsticks which is pretty much what I've been wearing all the time this month! The name says it all - it really does feel like suede on the lips, with such a smooth texture and application, yet still feeling so weightless on the lips at the same time. The major feature of this product which has won me over is the fact that it can stay on my lips all day without any hint of drying the lips out which is what I love so much in a lip product. It looks good and and at the same time, still feels comfortable on the lips!
The pigmentation is perfect, not too pigmented and not too sheer at the same time, with the potential to build up colour. It is so easy to wear on a day to day basis providing the right amount of colour on your lips - possibly one of my favourite all time lipstick formulas!

The packing looks pretty sleek and compact which is perfect to throw and into your handbag.
My favourite colour is 'Backstage' which is a rich plum shade and it has been all I've been wearing since I brought it! Definitely need to go out and buy more shades in this lipstick.

What are your favourite lipsticks at the moment? x

Buy the Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick HERE - £8.99

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Saturday, 21 February 2015

The 5 Books On My Wishlist

It is no doubt that youtubrs and bloggers have come along way since it first started and the community has grown hugely over the past few years. Recently there have been a lot of new book releases from the likes of my favourite youtuber's, bloggers and just celebrities in general which are on my wish list and I am still yet to add to my very miniature book collection - getting back into books is gonna take some time but I'm getting there! So heres a round up of a few book which I am itching to get my hands on.

As a lot of you may know Tanya Burr on youtube is famous for her beautiful makeup tutorials and bubbly personality and when she announced the release of her book it was pretty exciting not going to lie. The cover of the book is perfect and reflects her as a person so well, with a pretty collage of pictures of her life. The book contains great tips aswell as some recipes, which I think will be a great read.

Having watched Fleur for quite a while on youtube, it was so nice to hear that she was having her own book published and the name 'glamguide' is enough to draw me in with beauty and fashion written all over it. The book is bursting with fashion and beauty tips and tricks which are going to be very handy!

Deliciously Ella has been a pretty recent blog discovery as I just got introduced to it towards the end of last year and since then I've been so intrigued and fascinated by her lifestyle and diet and the amazing food which she makes which looks delicious being healthy and vegan at the same time. We have both been trying to eat heather this year and stick to it so hopefully this book will help to give some inspiration on healthy food ideas. 

This book has been raved about a lot on the internet and it is written by none other than Zoe Sugg who is probably one of our favourite youtuber's. The idea of writing her very own fictional book is pretty impressive and I am really looking forward to reading this book. Having not read a book in so long, this is one which is in my top books to read.

There is no doubt that Jamie Oliver will disappoint when it comes to food. We are both a huge fan of his cooking shows and youtube channel. Theres something satisfying in having your own cookbook to use and cook from, especially ones with beautiful mouth watering pictures to accompany it and the title 'comfort food' has already got me drawn in!

What are you favourite book reads at the moment?

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Ultimate Super-Liner

Theres that one step when doing my makeup which I always dread and still haven't seemed to have mastered, and that is applying liquid liner - winged liner is just on another level which takes a whole lot of practice. Lucky for some, liquid/wing liner is as easy as writing your own name, it seems to just come naturally, however for myself and I'm sure others out there, theres definitely a struggle in getting a decent straight line on both eyes. There a quite a variety of liquid liners which we have both tried and tested but one which has been the closest to making the application of eyeliner a more comfortable experience, is the Loreal Super liner in Perfect Slim. I seriously love this product as it has seriously helped me to apply eyeliner much more easily compared to previous liners I've used.

The nib of the eyeliner is very thin which makes it perfect to line close to the lash line and create a nice thin even line. Also the fact that the nib is quite long, gives an added advantage, allowing you to reach into the corners and create a perfect flick for a winged liner look. This eyeliner actually lasts pretty long in comparison to others Ive tried and doesn't dry out too fast. I've purchased this for a third time now and I definitely see myself repurchasing again!

What is your favourite eyeliner to use?

Loreal Super Liner In Perfect Slim here for £6.99

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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Favourite Every Day Lipsticks At The Moment

For an everyday lip colour I usually like to keep it very simple, most days its probably a tinted lip balm but recently I've been getting into using lipsticks which are very wearable and subtle. The Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipsticks are exactly that. We both own the shade Tulip and Coral which are just perfect when it comes to everyday wear, giving a natural look.

The formula of these lipsticks are definitely a winner in my case as they have the hydrating factor going on which makes it so much more moisturising and comfortable to wear, especially during the chilly weather we have been having lately which has been leaving my lips so dry.

These lipsticks contain key ingredients which give the look of more fuller plumped lips also reducing appearance of lines on the lips. The finish isn't completely matt or glossy either but more of a slight satin radiant finish which helps to give the impression of not so dry/crusty lips (perfect for me in my case!).

 Coral at the top, Tulip at the bottom

Tulip is a really pretty pink shade - not too bright or too nude, but more in the middle which makes it so wearable on a daily basis for those of you who want to go quite subtle on the lips. My favourite has to be the shade Coral. It is such a lovely peachy colour again not too bright or too orange but a very pinky peachy shade which is my go-to lipstick at the moment!

When is comes to packaging, Elizabeth Arden have got it spot on. The sleek gold bullet just makes it so luxurious to carry around, making it feel that extra bit special.

What is your favourite everyday lipstick?

You can purchase here for £17.85

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Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Best Makeup Remover!

We can all admit that using makeup wipes are one the easiest lazy-girl methods of removing makeup but after reading Caroline Hirons blog you know that wipes are a no-no and should be avoided. (unless in emergencies obviously!) After spending years relying upon simple cleansing wipes (here) which never seemed to leave me satisfied as I often woke up finding makeup remnants still left behind, we were finally both introduced to the Dermalogica precleanse (here) which was life changing - literally!

Being a huge fan of the Dermalogica skincare (here) line already, we had high hopes that this product wasn't going to disappoint. At first the thought of an oil as a makeup remover, was a little terrifying I must admit - slathering oil all over face was surely going to lead to blogged pores and a whole phase of breakouts afterwards right? But we couldn't be more wrong, so lets get into the details on why this product is potentially one of the best makeup removers.

The whole 'oil-based cleanser' method was a fairly new thing for us at the time, so we did go to our local Dermalogica counter for advice and the lady was so lovely and gave a thorough explanation on how to use it. So all you have to do is take a small amount onto your hands, apply to your dry face and massage it in, This instantly starts to break up and dissolve all that makeup and even dirt off your face (from weather and pollution). Then add a little water to create a milky emulsion, and simply use damp cotton pads or a flannel to wash it off, leaving your skin feeling so hydrated, fresh and clean! Also it doesn't leave a oily or greasy residue behind which can be often a huge putt-off for a lot of oil-based cleansers. It removes my eye makeup so easily instead of having to tug and rub against my eye which is what the scenario was like with wipes.

This can also be used as a pre-step before using your normal cleanser to give you a double cleansing to break up oil residue and dirt from your face, hence the name 'pre cleanse'. We would both highly recommend this product since we have been using it for around two years and we simply can't live without it. We both have dry skin, and this makeup remover doesn't dry out the skin or lead to breakouts, even if you have oily skin, this product is recommended for all skin types so definitely give it a go!...What is your favourite makeup remover? Let us know in the comments below! xx

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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A Nyx Haul!

In the January sales we both went on a Nyx cosmetics hype, purchasing quite a few products which were on great offer! Having never tried Nyx cosmetics, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to get our hands on some products which we've heard so much about.

Starting off with blush, we picked up the Nyx Powder Blush in the shade peach, which first of all has lovely prism pattern all over it (I love having patterns on powder products!) which is surprisingly quite convenient when avoiding to pick up too much product on your brush. The colour is a soft pretty peach which compliments our skin tone really well.
On to the highlighter, the Nyx Illuminator in 01 has become a firm new favourite. Since we brought it I have been using it non stop! It provides a subtle highlight with not too much glitter but more of a slight shimmer which I find more flattering especially for use on a daily basis.

There was one product which we set out to hunt and were determined to find it, and thankfully we did, it is the much raved about Nyx Matt Bronzer in 03. This bronzer really does live up to the expectations where many bloggers have praised about the formula of these. I personally find it quite hard to find a decent affordable matt bronzer (other than the body shop honey bronzer here) - the Nyx bronzer is super affordable and if perfect to use for contouring.

We also picked up two Love In Florence eyeshadow palettes from Nyx. The Meet My Romeo palette 01 which is a 5 colour eyeshadow palette consisting of a mixture of light and dark browns is one of my favourites of the two. When used together, it creates a beautiful neutral eye and you can never go wrong with a neutral eye! The La Dolce Vita palette 08 is a combination of soft greys and blues, which gives a stunning smoky evening look.

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(Disclaimer: Some of these products we brought were on offer at the time, and may not be on offer at present)