Saturday, 21 February 2015

The 5 Books On My Wishlist

It is no doubt that youtubrs and bloggers have come along way since it first started and the community has grown hugely over the past few years. Recently there have been a lot of new book releases from the likes of my favourite youtuber's, bloggers and just celebrities in general which are on my wish list and I am still yet to add to my very miniature book collection - getting back into books is gonna take some time but I'm getting there! So heres a round up of a few book which I am itching to get my hands on.

As a lot of you may know Tanya Burr on youtube is famous for her beautiful makeup tutorials and bubbly personality and when she announced the release of her book it was pretty exciting not going to lie. The cover of the book is perfect and reflects her as a person so well, with a pretty collage of pictures of her life. The book contains great tips aswell as some recipes, which I think will be a great read.

Having watched Fleur for quite a while on youtube, it was so nice to hear that she was having her own book published and the name 'glamguide' is enough to draw me in with beauty and fashion written all over it. The book is bursting with fashion and beauty tips and tricks which are going to be very handy!

Deliciously Ella has been a pretty recent blog discovery as I just got introduced to it towards the end of last year and since then I've been so intrigued and fascinated by her lifestyle and diet and the amazing food which she makes which looks delicious being healthy and vegan at the same time. We have both been trying to eat heather this year and stick to it so hopefully this book will help to give some inspiration on healthy food ideas. 

This book has been raved about a lot on the internet and it is written by none other than Zoe Sugg who is probably one of our favourite youtuber's. The idea of writing her very own fictional book is pretty impressive and I am really looking forward to reading this book. Having not read a book in so long, this is one which is in my top books to read.

There is no doubt that Jamie Oliver will disappoint when it comes to food. We are both a huge fan of his cooking shows and youtube channel. Theres something satisfying in having your own cookbook to use and cook from, especially ones with beautiful mouth watering pictures to accompany it and the title 'comfort food' has already got me drawn in!

What are you favourite book reads at the moment?

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  1. I really really want the Deliciously Ella cookbook! & Also Hemsley & Hemlsey!! I love a good cook book!

  2. I heard that The Glam Guide is a lovely book. It's also on my wishlist along with Girl Online and Love Tanya. Deliciously Ella and Comfort Food also sound great.Two more things to add into my wishlist!