Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Light Affordable Moisturiser

During the summer its always nice to opt for a nice lightweight moisturiser for the skin. I have been reaching out for one particular moisturiser for the past couple of months which is the Simple kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser. As you can already tell by the name, it has a very light formula and so I find it really nice and comforting on the skin. Now I know this doesn't work wonders for your skin, nor is it targeted for specific skin concerns, however I feel it is an awesome product for those who are just starting out with skincare or for those who need to top up a little moisture onto the skin during the day. It does claim to last up to 12 hours of hydration, but as you know with a lot of products this is a little too much exaggeration. I would personally say it does last up to about 6 hours at most, well for my skin anyways! I like to use my normal moisturiser during the morning and night and I use the simple moisturiser throughout the day if my skin feels a little dry. The best part is the price, being so affordable at only £3.50, it is really one to give a try.

Let us know what you think of this product :)

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Boots Haul!

It was that time where we both felt as if we hadn't been makeup shopping for quite a while and so we decided it was time for a much needed trip down to our local drugstore. Boots is pretty much one of the best places to shop for beauty products seeing as you have your drugstore and high end brands all in one store. We have to admit whenever we go past a Boots store we simply can not resist but take a look inside and have a peek at any new additions. Let us know if you are the same too!

So yesterday we visited Boots, surprise surprise...and we picked up some beauty bits that we thought we would share with you. Being tempted to buy the whole store as always, we managed to narrow it down to a few products that caught our eye. Most of the products we haven't tried before and so once we have a little play around with them we will hopefully have a review up soon, so keep a look out on the blog as we will keep you updated.

Products we picked up:

Revlon colurburst lipgloss -Fire:
We have always been a huge fan of the Revlon colourburst range as they have come out with some pretty awesome products, especially the lip butters which have been my absolute favourites. We decided to pick up one of their lip glosses and give them a whirl. Price: £7.99

Maybelline baby skin:
Now everyone has been talking about this little bad boy, from bloggers to youtubers and just word of mouth in general. It claims to minimise pores and fine lines and so apparently it is an excellent base for makeup! So once we give it a try for ourselves we will keep you updated on our verdict on this product. Price: £7.99

Max Factor eyebrow pencil - Ebony 1-
This was a total random purchase. Basically, we needed a new eyebrow pencil and so we decided to pick up one from Max factor. It looks like a reasonably nice shade for the brows and so we will let you know how we get on with it. Price: £4.99

Max Factor lipfinity lip colour - 340 Nude-
Ive always seen this product floating about boots for a while and so we finally thought we would pick it up and give it a try. The concept of it had me very intrigued as it consists of a lip colour and a shiny balm stick which is supposedly meant to go on top - pretty cool right! They have some nice shades to choose from and so we went for the natural nude colour for everyday wear. Price: £10.99

Max factor glossfinity nail polish - Cobalt blue-
Being honest, we both aren't huge nail polish wearers, it is once in a blue moon we decide to actually paint our nails. So your probably thinking 'why buy nail polish then?' Weirdly enough we just love collecting them because the shades are so pretty and you never know when we might decide to slap on some nail colour right? The cobalt blue particular stood out to me as it is such a nice flattering deep blue. Price: £5.99

Loreal paris superliner - Black-
This is definitely not the first time we have purchased this product and repurchasing something means it is definitely a crowd pleaser. It is probably the best drugstore liquid liners we have tried so far as it allows you to apply eyeliner effortlessly. I just love it! Price: £6.99

Rimmel scandaleyes eyeliner - Black-
Again another product we have heard so much about in the beauty community- the Rimmel scandal eyes eyeliner. We haven't tried this yet so hopefully I'm guessing it will be good from what I'm hearing. Also it was at such an affordable price. Price: £3.99

La roche posay hand repair cream-
We were in desperate need for some hand cream seeing as you get those times when your hands just need that extra TLC. So we ended up picking two hand creams and being a huge fan of La Roche Posay products I was instantly drawn into this particle one. Hopefully it won't fail to impress us. Price: £4.50

Neutrogena anti-ageing hand cream Spf25-
This was the second of the two hand creams we picked up. This particular one is anti-ageing and contains spf25 which is brilliant! Price: £3.99

Hope fully we will have more detailed product reviews on each product once we give them a trial run. Let us know which product you liked best!
Hope you guys have a lovely day! xx

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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Homemade Focaccia Bread

I am a huge fan of baking, from baking cakes to breads to puddings you name it, so I thought why not do a post on of my favourite recipes! Seeing as this post is non-beauty related, unlike our previous blogposts, we thought it would be nice to have a little change once in a while.

There's nothing better than having a nice loaf of fresh homemade bread straight from the oven. As there are so many different types of bread out there I thought I would have a go at making a classic focaccia bread. The recipe which I used was inspired by Lorraine Pascale, as those of you may know her from her TV show, 'Baking made easy' - so yes this recipe is pretty easy and stress free! I thought I would change it up a little and add a few of my own ingredients, so you guys can do the same too - literally add whatever you like, go wild! This bread tastes great warm and also cold (well I think so anyway) and I find it great to make for any family occasion as it's great to share, or if you're really hungry you could just have it all to your self!

This recipe seriously does not require a lot of ingredients and it is pretty simple to make, so heres the details on how to make it.

For one bread you will need:

80ml Extra virgin olive oil
500g Strong white bread flour
2 tsp Salt
150-250ml Warm water
1 x 7g Sachet of dry yeast

Toppings: these are just the toppings I used but you can add what you like.

Cherry tomatoes
Mozzarella cheese
Extra virgin olive oil (for drizzling)


1. In a bowl sift in your bread flour, salt and yeast. Give that a good stir, then add in your extra virgin olive oil. You can use normal olive oil if you want but I just personally like to use extra virgin olive oil as it is has a stronger smell and taste.

2. Next add in your warm water. Start by adding in 150ml initially and then gradually adding small amounts until you get a nice soft dough. You don't need to add in all the water, but just enough to get that nice pillowy consistency. Also an important note to point out is to make sure you don't add too much water or your dough may end up very sticky and things will get very messy and out of control!

3. Now for this next step, its going to require some muscle power. So once you've got your dough ready, flour a work surface and start kneading your dough for around 10 minutes. I know your arms must be aching right now! But like me, just think of it as a mini workout for the arms! - But if you want to cheat you can always use an electric mixer with a dough hook attachment which is pretty genius. Now unfortunately I don't own an electric mixer and so for me it was down to using my hands. A neat trick to see whether your dough is properly kneaded is by making it into a ball and by using your finger, make a small indent into the dough by lightly pressing it. If the dough springs back, then its ready - and yes that means no more kneading yay!

4. Then its time to shape the dough into an oval shape onto a lightly oiled baking tray. Cover the dough with cling film - make sure you lightly brush the cling film beforehand to make sure it doesn't stick to the dough once you cover it. Now you can leave the dough in a warm place for an hour. In that hour you can relax or get other things done that need doing.

5. After about an hour your dough should have doubled in size. I've always been so amazed at how dough can miraculously inflate within a few hours, I get a little too excited sometimes haha. I know I need to calm down, its only dough! Now using a floured finger, prod holes into the dough at irregular intervals, pressing down right to the bottom.

6. Now the fun part, adding the toppings. A classic idea for a focaccia is rosemary and sea salt which you can give a go. However I went with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese because I think they are a great combination. I even spinkled a few chives on top. Once your toppings are done, bake your bread in the oven at 200C for around 25-30 minutes, just until it is golden brown and hollow when you tap it.

7. Remove the bread from the oven and drizzle with some olive oil and leave to cool for a little and then you're ready to dig in.

I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe and if you do have a go making it then comment down below and let us know what you thought and also tweet us a picture with the hashtag #thebeautyspotrecipes because we would love to see how yours turned out! :) xx

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