Friday, 11 September 2015

August Favourites

This August favourites is a little over due I know but hey, better late than never right...and this month there have been some great beauty bits that I've fallen in love with and can't wait to share with you guys and most of these being from the drugstore so very affordable too.

So lets get right into it starting off with mascara, theres a new favourite - the L'oreal flash lash flutter has been all I've been wearing this month and the results of this mascara are ah-mazing! The fact that I never get clumpy lashes is one of my favourite things about this product and the butterfly wing-style wand separates and opens up the lashes so nicely it almost resembles the wing of a butterfly! (bit dramatic I know) Paired with this mascara I've been really loving brown eyeliner this month for the waterline, as theres something special about the way it gives a more softer look to the eye in comparison to black which does tend to be a little more harsh. The Elizabeth Arden eye pencil in expresso has been one which I've been picking up lately and is just a great one to use which doesn't smudge throughout the day.

When it comes to lips you know that theres got to be more than one favourite because I can never seem to just stick to just one! The first being the Max factor colour intensifying lip balm which has been a real life saver for me. Its abit like the maybelline baby lips but much better. These lip balms have much more pigmentation and are more moisturising on the lips so they're great for those days when you want to go without a full on lipstick but still want a hint of colour.
The second lip favourite is the Clarins rouge ├ęclat lipstick in the shade wood rose. This shade is probably one of my all time favourites - crazy I know but you gotta try it to believe it. Its a soft pink which gives the your-lips-but-better look and has been my absolute fav this month.

Powdering my face is often a step I skip as I prefer a more dewy look to my skin however when it comes to desperate measures aka oily under eyes and t-zone due to those hot humid days the powder is coming out! A lot of powders can make my skin look flat and be too mattifying however the Bourjois healthy balance powder is so beautiful on the skin, its almost as if its not there, just quietly doing its job at keeping the oiliness at bay.

For brushes the real techniques brushes are the brushes which I've raved about quite a few times on the blog and I pretty much will continue to do so most likely in following posts...some may call it obsession but seriously you can't go wrong with these brushes! One particular brush which I've been pulling out a lot recently is the contour brush which is perfect to fit into the hollows of your cheekbones.

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