Saturday, 16 January 2016

The Perfect Matte Eyeshadow Palette You Need

Matte eyeshadows are so on trend recently and finding the right matte eyeshadow palette can be a difficult task as you need the right shades to suit your skin tone and the look that you're going for. Whether you're after a matte smoky palette or a matte nudes palette, there is something out there for everyone but you just have to go out there and find it (or you can just go make your own palette at a mac counter, but that can always work out to be pretty expensive).

So back to the main point here - the perfect matte eyeshadow palette? Well yes, I can say hands down the Too faced natural matte eyeshadow palette is one of the best natural matte eyeshadow palettes I have come across. It consists mainly of warm shades which is definitely my kind of taste when it comes to eyeshadows. I love the whole layout of the palette where its been divided into three looks the top row for a day look, the middle for a classic look and the bottom row for a fashion look. Now even though I don't always stick to those particular rules for each look as I like to mix and match and create whatever look I fancy at the time, I do think its a great way to split the shades where you have your browns and pinky purples and oranges all laid out for you.

The formula of these shades are out of this world - so buttery and smooth and easy to blend. This is my first time trying something form the brand and I have to say I couldn't be more impressed. When it comes to my favourite shades to pick out from this palette, I can easily say every single one of them are just amazing and exactly what I've been searching for in a palette but if I had to pick a few some of my faves I would say sexpresso (top row, right), strapless (middle row, middle) and chocolate cookie (bottom row, right) are my go-to's from this palette. 

If you're after a matte natural eyeshadow palette then I would highly recommend giving this one a try as I'm pretty sure you'll love it just as much as I do.

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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Christmas Beauty Gift Purchases

I love the amazing beauty gifts sets makeup brands comes out with every christmas. Even though most of them are minis of the full size products, they allow you to have a little test of what its like which you can then go onto purchase the full size depending on whether you liked it or not. This year I picked up a few gift sets this year which I'm excited to give a try as some of them are products I've never tried before...

Benefit party like a rockstar gift set
Benefit minis are far too cute and since I haven't tried much from the brand except for the 'they're real mascara' I thought it was time to pick up one of the benefit gift sets so I get a sample of some of the most hyped about makeup products such as the Hoola bronzer and the Porefessional. I also loved the eyeshadow shades in this palette with neutral brown tones which you can never go wrong with and suits all skin types. Very excited to give these a try.

Makeupforever cult makeup set
The arrival of Makeupforever to the UK has been one of the best things for beauty lovers out there which includes myself. I haven't tried anything from the brand previously, so once I saw this cult makeup set which includes some of their staple and well known products, I didn't even think twice before bringing this home with me. It comes with a cute orange makeup bag encased all the products. The product I am dost excited to try is the HD translucent powder and their Step 1 primer as I've heard such great things about them!

Estee lauder eyeshadow set
Every year Estee Lauder come out with some of the best christmas gift sets in my opinion. This year I had to pick up their beautiful book of eyeshadows which consists of three amazing and wearable eyeshadow palettes and some beautiful lip colours too. It just looked too pretty to not takeaway with me - which seems to always be my excuse for buying makeup. What I love about this is that the three palette are removable so you can take one or the others travelling with you instead of carrying the whole book with you. You get a mix of matte and shimmer shades which you can use to create day looks or evening looks all in one palette.

The names of the three palettes: smoky skies, tempting nudes, steel orchid

Lancome mascara gift set
Lancome have a great range of mascaras, which give a variety of different looks depending on if you want to go natural or all out and dramatic. This year they had little mascara gift sets which include a eye makeup remover and a eye pencil too. I went for the 'magnetic eyes' which gives more of a dramatic look as I have plenty of natural looking mascaras in my makeup stash. I think this is a great gift for any mascara lover. Once I give this a try I will make sure to report back to you guys.

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Monday, 4 January 2016

Recent Skincare Faves

When skin goes through that bad phase, it seems as though it will never go back to being right again. My skin can often go through a period where it becomes super dry and flaky, and whatever I apply leaves me with a stinging sensation on my face - highly unpleasant I know. Whenever my skin is going through the 'bad phase' I try and make sure my skin care routine is up to date and I am taking extra care of my skin (because often I do get pretty lazy when it comes to skin care). Hence I like to pull out some trusty favourites which I know works for my skin and some new favourites which my skin seems to have fallen in love with. Here are some products which have helped get my skin get back to normality....

Dermalogica skin smoothing cream
If I had to choose one moisturiser that I can one hundred percent rely on, it would be this one - the Dermalogica skin smoothing cream. Its a medium weight cream which leaves your skin feeling so soft that it leaves you wanting to feel your face all day! It doesn't leave your face greasy, and it hydrates your face throughout a full day. I love using this with my dermalogica multi active toner - together they are an amazing combo for the skin. Although it is quite pricey it is definitely worth it.

Origins clean energy gentle cleansing oil 
If you've read one of our previous posts on the best makeup remover for us, then you'd know we are pretty big fans of oil based cleansers which seem to work best when removing makeup efficiently. A new oil cleanser which we thought we'd give a try is the origins clean energy gentle cleansing oil. This is more affordable to the original one I use (read more) and seems to remove my makeup just as well. I'm still not sure whether I can say its better than the the one I use now, as I still need to give it a few more tries. However I have high hopes for this one and it has helped clean out any oil and dirt from my skin whilst still being gentle on the skin at the same time.

Garnier micellar water
Ever since I've heard or seen of Bioderma either on a blog post or a youtube video, I've been wanting to get my hands on it. As it isn't so readily available in the UK, it is a tough one to get your hands on. However rumour had it that the garner micellar water was just as good as bioderma and at a much affordable price, so I simply had to give it a go! I have to say I didn't think I would like this product but I've already gone in for a repurchase. It isn't drying on the skin and after using my oil cleanser I go over with the cleansing water which seems to get rid of any last bit of residue left over on my face giving a proper good clean. Also I like to use it in the mornings when I skip using my regular cleanser and use the micellar water just to refresh my skin and wipe off any excess.

Dermalogica daily microfoliant
I've always found exfoliators to be pretty harsh on the skin and some have caused me to break out more and leads to drying out my skin really badly. This exfoliator however is the most gentle exfoliant I have come across, It is so fine that it is in the form of a powder which gently removes dry flaky skin, leaving skin feeling so soft and smooth. Although it can be used daily I prefer to use it once a week and its really helped my skin recover from the dry flakiness. I only have samples of it and need to purchase the full size asap!

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