Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Our Favourite Beauty Blogs of 2014

Just cant get over how fast the year 2014 has gone by, it feels like just yesterday we were counting down the last seconds for the start of 2014 and anticipating those all amazing fireworks. Well a year on and now we're at another new years eve, so prepare for 2015 which is hopefully a great year for everyone! 2014 has been a pretty good year which many highlights, one of them being the beginning of our blog. I love reading a good beauty blog to start off my day usually whilst I'm having my breakfast so we thought we would end the year by looking back at some of our favourite beauty blogs - ones which have stood out to us and and pretty much been an inspiration to us.

Top beauty blogs
Having just come across the concept of blogging a few years ago, there were many blogs which gave us the inspiration and motivation start our very own, particularly beauty blogs - yep we love all things beauty as you can probably tell, so here are our top beauty blogs we have been loving this year:

Viviannadoesmakeup - I am huge fan of her beauty blog as well as her youtube channel. From her beauty reviews to her weekend posts - she has it all written down on point and pretty much covered. Her sense of humour and style of writing just keeps me reading on and on - definitely a blog you should add to your bloglovin' list.

Amelia liana - Another one of my favourite youtube beauty gurus, who also happens to have a seriously amazing and beautiful blog. She knows her beauty stuff, trust me! Whenever I'm stuck on purchasing a product, this is the blog I turn to. Also her budget buys are ones you can't miss!

The sunday girl - I've only quite recently come across her blog but I instantly became hooked on to it.  I love her honest and thorough reviews and posts on amazing new releases which make you want to go out and buy every new product!

Gh0st parties - From her amazing crisp clear pictures to her amazing blog content, this blog is one to read. Not only do you get your dose of beauty posts but also home and food which I love to read for a change.

Essie button - Probably one of the most colourful blogs of the list, essie button who also is on youtube, always has a beautiful post which gets me excited every time. Firstly her blog layout itself is just so bright and fun which expresses her personality perfectly. Also her lifestyle posts keep me wanting to read more!

Couture girl - Another enjoyable blog which is never a bore to read. I love her motivation and style of writing which has me visiting her blog for a regular dose of beauty.

There are so much more which I'm sure I've missed out but the list would be never-ending! However these have been the ones which have particularly stood out to us. Be sure to leave some of your favourite blog suggestions down below as we love to discover new blog reads!

Hope you all have a happy new year x

Monday, 29 December 2014

The 'Woke-Up-Late' makeup....

There have been one too many cases where we have woken up far too late for Uni, work or for other occasions, which very often leaves us rushing out the door which just seconds to spare. Now I'm sure alot of you guys have also been in this situation and you know exactly what I'm talking about! As much as we love taking our time doing our makeup, sometimes you just gotta skip some steps and go for the easiest products - whip it on and out the house we go! So we thought we would give a quick run down on products we use for those really rushed mornings.

I don't usually wear foundation on a daily basis but if you're in a rush and you can squeeze in some time then I would suggest going for a base that glides on and blends in easily because trust me it saves a lot of time. Sometimes we like to use The body shop all-in-one BB cream as a natural base for the day time, which blends in easily and matches our skin tone perfectly. I like to use my fingers to blend in the product which gives a lovely finish.

Next on to the brows, which is a must-do step for me. I like to use the The Max Factor eyebrow pencil where I do fast strokes to create the illusion of natural hairs - no time for perfect brows when you're late! Then a quick coat of mascara, which is usually the Max Factor false lash effect mascara. I love using this on a daily basis for natural volumised lashes. Next on to the eyeliner which usually involves tightlining with The Rimmel scandal eyes eyeliner pencil. If you're a pro with liquid liner unlike me, you may have time to sneak it in if you're lucky.

Then onto some blush or bronzer to add some life to my cheeks. A very natural blush I like to use is The No7 mineral blush in soft damson, the colour gives that effortless soft look to the cheeks and really helps to liven up the complexion.

Lastly to finish it off, I always need to add a touch of colour to my lips and the one I've been using a lot lately is the Revlon balm stain in the colour crush. This is a lip crayon which is so easy to apply - almost like a highly pigmented lip balm which is in a beautiful plum colour. Seems like a lot in so little time, but its possible I promise!

Let us know your woke-up-late makeup routine...

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Thursday, 25 December 2014

The Mascara That Never Fails To Impress

Now I'm sure you all agree that mascara preference is a very personal thing and we all have that one favourite that just ticks all the boxes. For us, its got to be the Max factor false lash effect mascara, the queen of drugstore mascara's! Its actually quite scary the amount of times we've repurchased this product - Ive already lost count!

The first time we used this mascara, it became clear why a lot of people are head-over heels over this product - it is seriously amazing stuff. As you can tell the brush does look quite chunky at first but trust me on this one, it works. I find the brush is perfect for really reaching down to the roots of all the lashes to give that 'fuller' effect. This mascara adds tonnes of volume to my lashes, wish is exactly what I need seeing as they are rather sparse. The best part is that it still leaves my them looking so natural and effortless, rather than spidery clumpy lashes, which is definitely and no-no.

We both absolutely love using this product on a daily basis - I like to apply one or two coats to give a very natural everyday look, although if I'm after a more dramatic look I like to apply a few more coats and I find this mascara really buildable to give thicker and more volumised lashes. So if you're after an affordable drugstore mascara, then I would definitely recommend this one!

£10.99 (available at Boots)

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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eyeshadows...

It was one of those days at drugstore and these eyeshadows caught my eye straight away. We've always been on the hunt for a good cream eyeshadow but never seem to pick one up, its always the safer powder option we go for, but now I thought it was time to go out the comfort zone a little bit and try something different.



Whats unique about these cream eyeshade is the texture -weird but brilliant. Its definitely different to the usual cream eyeshadows on the market, with an almost mousse like consistency. The product is so light to touch which makes it so easy to swipe and blend on to the lids. You could literally wear one of these shades on it's own, giving you that put-in-alot-of-effort eyeshadow look. Also whats great about these eyeshadows is that you can easily layer it up depending on the amount of pigmentation you're after. Sometimes I like to just dab a little on the centre of the lids to just add that touch of shimmer, making the eyes look brighter.

Impressed already? Then the colours will probably impress more, because there are stunning shades to choose from, all giving a metallic finish. We picked up the shades copper and bronze which are very wearable for anyone. Now they are super shimmery so I tend not to use it for a daily basis, but for a evening out or special occasions, these bad boys are definitely ones to reach out for.

£7.99 (available at Boots)

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