Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Brows On Fleek!

You most probably have heard of the saying 'eyebrows on fleek' going around recently. Well what does fleek even mean you might ask? Being honest, I couldn't one hundred percent tell you the answer to that one but when it comes to it in terms of brows, it pretty much means your eyebrows are looking goood.... So heres a product I would highly recommend for getting those brows on fleek...

If you don't already know, brows for me are one of the most crucial parts of my makeup routine as I do have pretty sparse brows so its a pretty much of a must-do step for me. A few months back in one of my previous hauls (read about it here), I purchased the Maybelline brow satin eyebrow pencil which has been almost life changing (dramatic I know) as its completely changed the way I fill in my brows. This pencil is double ended with one side containing a twist-up fine nib and the other end consisting of a powder with a sponge applicator which I purchased in the shade, dark brown. 

Now step one first of all for me, you gotta comb the brows through and my favourite brush to use for this is the sedona lace brow spoolie (EB 17) which is great for taming those hairs pointing in the odd direction. Then I like to use the Maybelline brow pencil starting off with the fine nib to slowly fill in the brows. I love the fact that the pencil is so thin and doesn't need sharpening so you're always left with a nice sharp nib to work with. The final step is the powder which is at the other end of the pencil with a sponge applicator. I use this to gently stroke over the brows and especially the edges to blur out any harsh lines, giving a more natural look to the brows. This powder is amazing as it just neatens everything up and makes it look as if you spent a whole lot of time on your brows.

What are your favourite products to use for your eyebrows and which ones would you recommend?

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