Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation Review

I know that sometimes when finding the right foundation which suits you can be a complete and utter mission. So a good place to start is thinking about the type of finish you are looking for in a foundation.

For the past year we both have been completely blown away by the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation and have been using it non-stop since! But we decided we wanted to try something new and seeing as the Chanel Perfection Lumiere gave a more semi-matt finish, we opted to try something more dewy looking instead.
So we headed to Selfridges on the night of the beauty event and had a good browse around the whole variety of makeup counters... some good sister bonding time happening there :)
With endless testings of foundations on the back of our hands till our hands ended up looking caked as ever! haha, we finally found the perfect one which just stood out for us and that was the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation in the colour 6.25.

This foundation is so silky and smooth in texture which is what i love about it most, making it easy to blend across your face. Also a little goes a long way as you don't need much to cover the entire face. I would say it is a very build able foundation as you can start off with applying very thin layers and added on more suiting to your needs. It gives a very glowy sheen to the skin in all the right places, magic! We are both totally in love with this foundation and can't stop using it ever since we brought it. This is definitely a keeper!

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Selfridges beauty project launch

We have to admit this post is pretty late! Sorry! But seeing as we are quite busy with university exams, assignments etc, we haven't had the chance to put this post up sooner.
Anyways moving on to the main topic here, we just wanted to share our experience of the launch of the Selfridges beauty project event which we attended last week. For those of you who don't have a clue what Selfridges is, it is huge high end department store in the UK and as part of their launch of the beauty project they have had some amazing events that were held throughout the past couple of weeks with some pretty awesome guest stars coming in as well.
Unfortunately being our forgetful selves we forgot to take our camera with us and so couldn't vlog the event which really sucks :( So we thought we would put it in written form instead!
In order to launch the new beauty hall in Selfridges they some great offers on all beauty projects and even free gifts with certain purchases which was a bonus!! On entry to the event were given these really cute bracelets which were meant to be 'wristbands' for the night, but lets be honest these are too cool to be called wristbands lol. Also there were people going around with free frozen yoghurt, yummy! We didn't purchase a lot of things but we did pick up a few skin care items and a makeup item which we are loving.

We absolutely love the Dermalogica skin care brand and so we needed to stock up on our essential skin care items, and luckily for us we also received a complimentary gift bag with our purchase which is pretty awesome stuff!

Lately we have heard and seen so many raves about this particular foundation the Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation so we eventually just had to get it and hopefully we will give a full review on this soon.

Overall the event was really fun and packed and we really enjoyed checking out the latest beauty products that they had to offer. If any of you guys went to the Selfridges beauty event, let us know what you thought. xx

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

New obsession!

So we are quite late in trying out the 'chunky balm stain type' lip products (the best i could describe them lol) which are pretty much now available from all drugstore and some high end brands. I believe it was Clinique which first came up with the chubby sticks which i think are amazing and since then many other brands have created their very own duplicate versions, including drugstore brands which is brilliant!

We don't actually own the original Clinique version but have tried the testers in the shops and can i say that the texture is amazing, they are so moisturising! However we thought we would try out a few from Revlon which is one of my favourite drugstore brands.

Luckily Revlon had a good collection of colours which always appeals to me when buying lip products. We picked up two, firstly being the Revlon balm stain in the colour 005 crush and the second being the Revlon lacquer balm in the colour 135 provocateur. The lacquer balms are much more glossy than the the balm stains and so its nice to have a range of matt and glossy lip products.

We absolutely love these things and are our new lip products favs! They provide the right amount of colour and are very smooth on the lips. Most importantly they are very moisturising on the lip because nobody wants to end up with lips looking like the sahara desert! Not a very good reference to use I know lol but anyways...I would definitely recommend trying these if you haven't already, as they are cheaper alternatives to some of the high end brands and do just the job.

Revlon balm stain - 005 Crush

Revlon lacquer balm - 135 Provocateur

Let us know if you have tried out these lip products and what you thought in the comments below :) xx

Friday, 2 May 2014

March Favourites 2014!

So we have finally started decided to start of our own youtube channel, yikes! We uploaded our second video just a few days ago so be sure to check that out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqIWJTaVFFM
For our march favourites video, (which was our very first video) we mentioned a couple of products which we had been loving during the month of march so be sure to check that out too :)

Below I have mentioned the products below which were included in our march favourites video and included a little more of a detailed review on each one.

Barry M Lip paint
This is the Barry M lip paint in the shade 162. First of all the vibrant pink packaging really makes it stand out from the other lipsticks, which is a thumbs up! 
We particularly went for this shade as it compliments all skin types pretty well. I love the deep maroon shades in lipsticks as i feel they suit me best. 
The finish is matte which is an added bonus, seeing as I'm not a huge fan of shimmery lipsticks. In terms of lasting power, id say it lasts pretty long and is almost like a lip-stain so doesn't budge for hours! However i personally just find it little bit drying at times but when using it alongside a good lip balm you should be good to go.

Soap and Glory handfood
The much-raved about soap and glory hand cream has definitely won us over. It definitely sticks by what is says about it being non greasy which is exactly what i needed. I have tried quite a few hand creams and found this to be the best one I've tried so far. Lets not forget the amazing scent of this product which soap and glory are famous for.

Elizabeth Arden ceramide lash extending treatment mascara
We are totally in love with this mascara mainly because it seriously lengthens your lashes. Having very small lashes myself, I find this mascara really helps to make my lashes look much longer. The brush is fairly thin which makes it easy to get into those lash roots and corners of the eye.

Benefit total moisture facial cream
This is just the miniature sample size which we have, but the full size is much bigger trust me! This moisturiser has been my saviour during the winter. We both have dry skin pretty much so this has helped a lot in keeping our skin moisturised. 
It is quite a thick heavy weight cream so i prefer not to use to much during warmer days when i don't want something too heavy on the skin. I find it really good to wear under your makeup, as it prevents any dry patches from appearing and also lets foundation sit really well on. 

Garnier BB cream
The texture of this bb cream is very silky and blends really well with the skin. I find it almost like a moisturiser so can easily be applied with the hands. It works really well in evening out the skin tone  and is perfect for those days when you don't want foundation on your skin,
Just one point to be aware of is that it can make you look a little oily throughout the day so I would recommend using powder on top just to keep the oiliness at bay.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

The first step to blogging...

Hi guys! :)
So this is our very first blog post which is pretty exciting yet daunting stuff! But hopefully all will go well. This isn't a proper first blog post I know but I kinda just wanted to just start off by introducing Thebeautyspot page which will be a beauty, fashion, food and other random stuff related blog so hope you guys do enjoy the following blog posts to come! :) 
The blog is run by myself and my sister and we decided to start off this blog because we generally love talking about beauty and fashion products so we thought why not enter the world of beauty blogging! 

As you can tell we are new to this haha so hopefully we will get the hang of this soon.