Saturday, 15 August 2015

Two Masks That My Skin Is Loving

When it comes to giving your skin a good pamper session, masks come straight to the top of my list. There are so many different types of masks out there on the market, for different skin types and conditions, whether it be exfoliating masks, clay masks, or any of the other array of masks out there. Two masks in particular have been my absolute favourite these few months and my skin seems to be loving them! So heres all the details on these pamper-session must haves...

This is the mask I like to pull out when my skin is having one of those days where its feeling dull, greasy and bumpy. It contains the key ingredient which is active charcoal which really helps to give the skin a deep clean, cleaning out all the pores. It leaves my skin feeling so refreshed after using this mask, almost like a huge weight lifted off my skin. You simply apply it all over the face avoiding sensitive areas like the eye area, wait for it to set for a few minutes and then wash it off - simple as that. Although it is a little drying as it removes all the dirt and oil from the pores so I like to follow up with a really good moisturiser. Recently coconut oil has been my favourite to use as a moisturiser.

The perfect partner to use with the clear improvement mask is the drink up intensive overnight mask which is a great product to really add the moisture and softness back into the skin. My skin literally resembles the softness of a babies bottom after using this. Simply apply this on your face as a moisturiser before bed and let the mask do its magic overnight - the results leaves you with hydrated soft skin. This is my go to mask when my skin is feeling very tight and dry. 

Both of these masks have been perfect these past few months and would really recommend these products for any of you out there looking for a mask which really gives the pores a deep clean and one which add the hydration back to the skin.

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