Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Ultimate Super-Liner

Theres that one step when doing my makeup which I always dread and still haven't seemed to have mastered, and that is applying liquid liner - winged liner is just on another level which takes a whole lot of practice. Lucky for some, liquid/wing liner is as easy as writing your own name, it seems to just come naturally, however for myself and I'm sure others out there, theres definitely a struggle in getting a decent straight line on both eyes. There a quite a variety of liquid liners which we have both tried and tested but one which has been the closest to making the application of eyeliner a more comfortable experience, is the Loreal Super liner in Perfect Slim. I seriously love this product as it has seriously helped me to apply eyeliner much more easily compared to previous liners I've used.

The nib of the eyeliner is very thin which makes it perfect to line close to the lash line and create a nice thin even line. Also the fact that the nib is quite long, gives an added advantage, allowing you to reach into the corners and create a perfect flick for a winged liner look. This eyeliner actually lasts pretty long in comparison to others Ive tried and doesn't dry out too fast. I've purchased this for a third time now and I definitely see myself repurchasing again!

What is your favourite eyeliner to use?

Loreal Super Liner In Perfect Slim here for £6.99

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  1. Sounds awesome! Definitely going to try it out someday! :)

  2. I love the Soap & Glory Supercat liner, but I have been seeing and reading so much about this and I LOVE L'Oreal products and formulas. Might have to check it out on the next Boots shop!

  3. This eye liner looks awesome, I definitely want to try it. x