Sunday, 7 June 2015

A Year Of Blogging...

Its crazy how its been just a little over a year since this blog was born when I remember it like yesterday! So yes this post is a little over due the one year mark but the month of May being such a hectic month with university exams and jobs, keeping up with the blog has been pretty hard but hey, better late than never! So we thought we would round up the year of our blogging experience briefly.

Since we started this blog, we've discovered a whole new world of blogging and saw how diverse and amazing blogging really is. Its a great hobby we started off with and still enjoy to this day to keep up with in our spare time. Being able to write about topics we love and enjoy to read about ourselves just makes it that extra bit special. The best part has to be the great support in the blogging community between fellow bloggers and readers which sort of gives you the drive and thirst to create new content. Even though we haven't been able to blog as much as we would have liked to in the year 2014 due to studies, we definitely hope to dedicate a little more time to the blog this year and try to do some lifestyle and travel posts too which is something we've always wanted to do - so who knows that this year may have in store for us? 

So overall we've loved spending time writing our blog and if you are thinking about starting a blog then let us know in the comments as we'd love to read them as we would definitely recommend giving a go at starting your own blog if you have a passion to write about something you love. x

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  1. Well done for blogging for a year! I started blogging but lost motivation, but I've started again! xo

    1. Awh thank you:) and thats great you started again keep it up! x

  2. congrats on a year, glad you've been having a good experience!

    danielle | avec danielle