Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Best Makeup Remover!

We can all admit that using makeup wipes are one the easiest lazy-girl methods of removing makeup but after reading Caroline Hirons blog you know that wipes are a no-no and should be avoided. (unless in emergencies obviously!) After spending years relying upon simple cleansing wipes (here) which never seemed to leave me satisfied as I often woke up finding makeup remnants still left behind, we were finally both introduced to the Dermalogica precleanse (here) which was life changing - literally!

Being a huge fan of the Dermalogica skincare (here) line already, we had high hopes that this product wasn't going to disappoint. At first the thought of an oil as a makeup remover, was a little terrifying I must admit - slathering oil all over face was surely going to lead to blogged pores and a whole phase of breakouts afterwards right? But we couldn't be more wrong, so lets get into the details on why this product is potentially one of the best makeup removers.

The whole 'oil-based cleanser' method was a fairly new thing for us at the time, so we did go to our local Dermalogica counter for advice and the lady was so lovely and gave a thorough explanation on how to use it. So all you have to do is take a small amount onto your hands, apply to your dry face and massage it in, This instantly starts to break up and dissolve all that makeup and even dirt off your face (from weather and pollution). Then add a little water to create a milky emulsion, and simply use damp cotton pads or a flannel to wash it off, leaving your skin feeling so hydrated, fresh and clean! Also it doesn't leave a oily or greasy residue behind which can be often a huge putt-off for a lot of oil-based cleansers. It removes my eye makeup so easily instead of having to tug and rub against my eye which is what the scenario was like with wipes.

This can also be used as a pre-step before using your normal cleanser to give you a double cleansing to break up oil residue and dirt from your face, hence the name 'pre cleanse'. We would both highly recommend this product since we have been using it for around two years and we simply can't live without it. We both have dry skin, and this makeup remover doesn't dry out the skin or lead to breakouts, even if you have oily skin, this product is recommended for all skin types so definitely give it a go!...What is your favourite makeup remover? Let us know in the comments below! xx

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  2. I really want to try Dermalogica - have only heard great things!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

    1. We love their products as they seem to work for our skin:) xx thanks for reading!

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