Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A Nyx Haul!

In the January sales we both went on a Nyx cosmetics hype, purchasing quite a few products which were on great offer! Having never tried Nyx cosmetics, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to get our hands on some products which we've heard so much about.

Starting off with blush, we picked up the Nyx Powder Blush in the shade peach, which first of all has lovely prism pattern all over it (I love having patterns on powder products!) which is surprisingly quite convenient when avoiding to pick up too much product on your brush. The colour is a soft pretty peach which compliments our skin tone really well.
On to the highlighter, the Nyx Illuminator in 01 has become a firm new favourite. Since we brought it I have been using it non stop! It provides a subtle highlight with not too much glitter but more of a slight shimmer which I find more flattering especially for use on a daily basis.

There was one product which we set out to hunt and were determined to find it, and thankfully we did, it is the much raved about Nyx Matt Bronzer in 03. This bronzer really does live up to the expectations where many bloggers have praised about the formula of these. I personally find it quite hard to find a decent affordable matt bronzer (other than the body shop honey bronzer here) - the Nyx bronzer is super affordable and if perfect to use for contouring.

We also picked up two Love In Florence eyeshadow palettes from Nyx. The Meet My Romeo palette 01 which is a 5 colour eyeshadow palette consisting of a mixture of light and dark browns is one of my favourites of the two. When used together, it creates a beautiful neutral eye and you can never go wrong with a neutral eye! The La Dolce Vita palette 08 is a combination of soft greys and blues, which gives a stunning smoky evening look.

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(Disclaimer: Some of these products we brought were on offer at the time, and may not be on offer at present)

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