Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eyeshadows...

It was one of those days at drugstore and these eyeshadows caught my eye straight away. We've always been on the hunt for a good cream eyeshadow but never seem to pick one up, its always the safer powder option we go for, but now I thought it was time to go out the comfort zone a little bit and try something different.



Whats unique about these cream eyeshade is the texture -weird but brilliant. Its definitely different to the usual cream eyeshadows on the market, with an almost mousse like consistency. The product is so light to touch which makes it so easy to swipe and blend on to the lids. You could literally wear one of these shades on it's own, giving you that put-in-alot-of-effort eyeshadow look. Also whats great about these eyeshadows is that you can easily layer it up depending on the amount of pigmentation you're after. Sometimes I like to just dab a little on the centre of the lids to just add that touch of shimmer, making the eyes look brighter.

Impressed already? Then the colours will probably impress more, because there are stunning shades to choose from, all giving a metallic finish. We picked up the shades copper and bronze which are very wearable for anyone. Now they are super shimmery so I tend not to use it for a daily basis, but for a evening out or special occasions, these bad boys are definitely ones to reach out for.

£7.99 (available at Boots)

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  1. That copper colour is so pretty ! :) Lovely blog x