Sunday, 23 November 2014

Products We've Been Wearing This Autumn

Its clear that Winter has made its entrance and its officially time to bid Autumn farewell. (Sad times)... Autumn is the season where you can really experiment and go all out with beautiful bold, dark colours. Its what makes Autumn that extra bit special and one of the reasons why its my favourite time of the year. We thought we would dedicate this post to reminisce a few of our favourite beauty products we had been reaching out for the most, throughout the Autumn season.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation -  We have been reaching for this foundation ALOT this Autumn. There was a period of time where I sort of stopped using it or forgotten about it, but recently I have fallen back in love with this foundation and its had me wondering why I neglected it so much. I find this so moisturising and not drying on the skin, which is perfect for the colder months. Also the dewy finish it gives, really gives that illuminating effect which helps brighten up the complexion especially on this days where the weather can often make your skin look pretty dull.

Givenchy Blush -  This product has been a recent discovery and the colour of this blush is just perfection! I love the fact that it has four shades which your can mix together to give a beautiful colour or even use individually. The colours are very purply/pinky toned which are perfect for Autumn.

Body Shop Honey Bronzer-  Now this bronzer is beautiful inside and out, from packing to the actual product. This has been so handy for the Autumn season, to give more life and dimension to our makeup. It is the perfect shade for us and it applies great on to the skin. We mentioned this product in one of our previous posts all about bronzers, so you can read more about it here.

Barry M Lipstick-  Now this lipstick shade has got Autumn written all over it! (not literally off course) The colour did seem quite scary at first, however once we actually used it on our lips, we were instantly converted. It appears more maroon with a hint of purple which is not normally what I would go for, but for some reason this lipstick has won me over. The formula is vey matt and lasts pretty long. Although I find it a little drying on my lips at times, therefore I like to use a lip balm underneath before applying it.

So those are pretty much the main products that have stood out for us during Autumn, but now that we have come on to Winter, I'm sure we'll have some new favourites for this season! 

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  1. I need to get my hands on that bronzer! So pretty! New Follower!

    XO, Erica