Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Exam Free!

We have to admit we have been away from the blog and pretty much all our social media for quite a while. Well it feels like ages to us anyway! This was due to being so tied down with university, exams and also the fact that my parents, elder sister and brother are abroad at the moment! So lucky.

After weeks of revision and sleep deprivation, now I can happily say that I am officially exam free!! :) .... Well for the time being anyway. Seriously, it is such a good feeling, I'm sure a lot of you guys can relate to it. First thing I want to do tonight is get a good nights sleep, because trust me I need it lol. Hopefully since now we do have a lot more time on our hands, we are hoping to keep the blog updated and also try to improve the blog since we are sort of still beginners to the whole blogging journey.

Have any of you guys recently just finished exams or are just nearing the end of the daunting exam season? Then let us know what you like to do as a way to relax after exams because we'd love to know! xx

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