Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Best Affordable Brushes

They can only be the much raved about Real Techniques brushes. Yes, I know we are very 'late to the bandwagon' with this product but seriously these brushes have been raved about so much all over youtube and blogs and we just sort of didn't give in to the hype. We always did say ONE DAY we would purchase these brushes and so it happened and oh boy do we love them! We haven't stopped using them since. So if you are thinking of purchasing the Real Techniques brushes then hopefully this will be useful for you.

The Real Techniques brushes are designed by the makeup artist Samantha chapman, also known as Pixiwoo on youtube. They have quite a few brush collections out but we thought we'd go for the core collection which comes with four brushes: the buffing brush, contour brush, pointed foundation brush and detailer brush. It also comes with an handy case which we find very useful for carrying around.

These brushes are affordable, quality brushes which are surprisingly very light which we like and have ultra soft fibres which I find is the key to good quality brushes because brushes which are rough, tend to irritate our skin, since we both do have sensitive skin. Does that happen to any of you guys too?

Buffing brush
From the whole collection I must say that we both agree, hands down this is our favourite brush and I am pretty sure alot of people would agree. This brush is so versatile as you can use it for multiple products but mainly we use it to apply our foundation seeing as it applies it so well, making it seamless with the skin and no streak marks! I've noticed this brush doesn't use up too much product like other brushes do and so you aren't wasting any product. Also i find it good to apply blusher and bronzer to the cheeks.

Contour brush
From the moment we had purchased these brushes I have been using this particular brush for contouring pretty much all the time! The brush head is just the right size to fit into the hollows of your cheek and it picks up the right amount of product. So if you are looking for a good contour brush I would definitely pick up this one.

Pointed foundation brush
This brush I particularly wasn't a fan of applying foundation with - even though the name suggest it is a foundation brush - just because I found it harder to blend in the product however I do find it is a good brush for concealer, you could use it under the eyes as the brush isn't too big.

Detailer brush
Now this brush is tiny. Trust me it is very small! Initially we thought it would be a good eyeshadow brush but we much prefer to use it as a concealer brush to cover up those precious pimples! The brush head is the perfect size to pinpoint any blemishes you want to cover up and also you could use it to conceal under the eyes.

Seriously we can not express how much we love these brushes! Whats even more great is that they are very affordable and you can purchase them from you nearest drugstore. They retail for £21.99 (at boots)

Have you guys tried out these brushes or are you thinking of purchasing them? Let us know your opinions on these brushes in the comments because we would love to know! xxx


  1. I have been contemplating trying these brushes for a while now, I have super sensitive skin so I understand your need for super soft brushes. I will have to give them a try. Great post. x


    1. Thanks! We would love to know what you think after giving them a try x

  2. they look really good!
    Make up brushes from m cosmetics is also really good! :)