Saturday, 3 January 2015

Givenchy's Little Black Box

Say hello to one of the cutest black boxes from Givenchy. This is the Givenchy mini prismes set which is a travel friendly box carrying makeup essentials which you can use on the go. Now I know this isn't a newly released product but seriously this box of beauty goodness has won us over and deserves a place in the spotlight. I'm just a huge lover of miniature sized products, their perfect for travelling and the perfect size for being handbag friendly, this little box however takes it to whole new level. Its more like a mini chest of drawers which contains mini sizes of some of Givenchy's luxurious beauty products - a face powder, blush and eyeshadow quad - can it get any cuter than that?

The face powder - Le Prisme Visage Mat This powder consists of four different shades which is genius as it blends to give the perfect colour and shade for my skin and leaves a beautiful matt finish, without making the skin look dull or flat.  

The blush - Le Prisme Blush quad in vintage pink Sticking with the four shaded powder theme, this blush has had had a lot of love throughout the autumn season. It has a combination of soft pinks to deep pinks which blends to give an amazing autumnal colour. Sometimes I like to concentrate more on the deeper pinks to give a richer colour or the softer pink for a more natural flush. You really get the best of both with this blush. 

The eyeshadow - Le Prisme Yeux Quator in Purple Show A stunning eyeshadow quad in mini version - just wow! I love all the shades in this quad which gives a lovely satin eye look when used as a combination. The shades aren't too shimmery or matt either, just perfectly lies in between. The formula is very smooth and easy to apply with pretty good pigmentation. 

Also can't forget the mini brushes applicators that come along with it, although we prefer to use our own brushes. This would make a perfect gift for beauty lovers!

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