Friday, 15 August 2014

Soft Damson

We all have that one staple item in our makeup collection which we seem to purchase over and over again, whether it be a luxury item or not, we simply can not see ourselves without it. Now this is just it, the No7 mineral perfection blusher in soft damson. Omg, this stuff is amazing and some may disagree but we really do love it!

I remember picking this up about 4 years back and every since, this has been one to sit near the top of our best blushes list (Don't worry guys this particular one isn't 4 years old we did repurchase!) Now I know not everyone is a huge fan of loose powders as they can get pretty messy, especially this particular type of packaging, but using this product for years now, it definitely has gotten easier to handle. A good technique is to sprinkle a little of the powder onto the lid and use your brush to swirl it around to pick up the product.

We like to use this especially for everyday makeup, as it is very subtle and not the in-your-face type of blush. The fact that it is a mineral powder, makes it all that more natural looking on the skin, containing very, very tiny hints of glitter, so small you can barely see, which is great for a day to day basis. This specific colour, soft damson, is a soft light pink shade which is so flattering. I find it completes my makeup look perfectly. Its definitely a product we reach for all the time and the great thing is, it lasts so long as you only need a small amount of product each time. 
Retails for £9.00 at Boots (also comes with an incredibly cute brush)

What is your staple item in your makeup collection that you can't see yourself without? Let us know in the comments, we would love to know! xx

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