Thursday, 15 May 2014

New obsession!

So we are quite late in trying out the 'chunky balm stain type' lip products (the best i could describe them lol) which are pretty much now available from all drugstore and some high end brands. I believe it was Clinique which first came up with the chubby sticks which i think are amazing and since then many other brands have created their very own duplicate versions, including drugstore brands which is brilliant!

We don't actually own the original Clinique version but have tried the testers in the shops and can i say that the texture is amazing, they are so moisturising! However we thought we would try out a few from Revlon which is one of my favourite drugstore brands.

Luckily Revlon had a good collection of colours which always appeals to me when buying lip products. We picked up two, firstly being the Revlon balm stain in the colour 005 crush and the second being the Revlon lacquer balm in the colour 135 provocateur. The lacquer balms are much more glossy than the the balm stains and so its nice to have a range of matt and glossy lip products.

We absolutely love these things and are our new lip products favs! They provide the right amount of colour and are very smooth on the lips. Most importantly they are very moisturising on the lip because nobody wants to end up with lips looking like the sahara desert! Not a very good reference to use I know lol but anyways...I would definitely recommend trying these if you haven't already, as they are cheaper alternatives to some of the high end brands and do just the job.

Revlon balm stain - 005 Crush

Revlon lacquer balm - 135 Provocateur

Let us know if you have tried out these lip products and what you thought in the comments below :) xx

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